The company PAK servis, doo is distinguished by reliability, quality and flexibility to the wishes and needs of customers.

Presentation of the company

The beginnings of the company PAK servis date back to the 90s of the last century, in its current form, as PAK servis doo, has been operating since 2014. It is classified as a small business. It is located in the municipality of Maribor, in Limbuš, where it has its own production and storage facilities. The main activity of the company is packaging, confectioning, sewing and labeling of products.



machine and manual packaging of products, mainly of non-woven textiles.


equipping products with relevant data, e.g. declarations, as the texts on the packaging are not always in accordance with the legislation of each country and need to be supplemented accordingly.


products consisting of several components which need to be properly cut, completed or assembled.

The most important products

The company PAK servis, doo specializes in packaging, confectioning and labeling of products, where products for the companies Freudenberg gospodinjski proizvodi doo, FHP Export and Vileda GmbH predominate. Most of the input materials are provided by the clients, and they are properly processed, equipped, cut and, if necessary, printed and packaged in the company.

The most important products of PAK servis doo are:

  • sponge cloths in various packages (Schwamtücher, Sponge Cloth)
  • wire cleaners (Metalltopfreiniger)
  • non-woven dish cloths
  • non-woven micro cloths (Micron Quick, Micro Sorb)
  • window cloths

The products that are processed in our country are on the market of the European Union, the United Kingdom, the markets of the Adria region, they also find their way to the Australian mainland.

Major customers

  • Freudenberg Household Products Ltd.
  • Vileda GmbH
  • FHP Export GmbH

Major suppliers

  • Freudenberg Household Products Ltd.
  • Vileda GmbH
  • Embalaža doo
  • MSK doo


  • two packing lines consisting of an unwinder, a cutter and an MPX packing machine
  • punching press for non-woven fabric
  • manual packing machines
  • thermal tunnel
  • cutting and cutting table for cutting goods in bales
  • various cutters
  • sewing machines
  • edges
  • Tampoprint

How to reach us

From the direction of LJ-MB, turn off the motorway at the Maribor – SOUTH exit and continue along the expressway all the way to the main intersection of Tržaška cesta and Proletarske brigade. Then turn left and follow the Proletarian Brigades road all the way to the final roundabout, where you turn right and then after the second traffic light turn right for the Ruše exit and come to Limbuška cesta where you follow the road sign for the Marles industrial zone on the right in your direction.


PAK servis, d.o.o.

Limbuška cesta 2

2341 Limbuš


Bojana Horvat, director

Zvone Šerdoner, Production Manager